A family based Permaculture consultancy on the Limestone Coast

About Us

Ethics and Abundance

Through an ethics based approach we strive to align landscape health with the needs of our clients. Whether it’s an urban plot or a larger parcel of land, we prefer a close client relationship where a design can unfold in a collaborative environment to better realise the abundance that surrounds us.

Walking the Talk

By walking the talk of our designs everyday, we understand the value of sharing identity with the landscape and actively contributing to the health of the overall system. In turn, our designs inherently encourage biodiversity and natural ecosystem cycles originating from healthy plant, fungal, soil, animal and water ecologies.

Dynamic Ecology

In the face of economic uncertainty and ecological disturbance we offer a service that builds resiliency and food security into the landscape and lives of our clients by implementing systems that move through succession towards clean, efficient and regenerative sources of soil, water, air and food.

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Our Services

Our Design Process

  • Initial Introductions

    Here, first introductions are made and we start the design process rolling by gathering some basic details and organising a first site visit.

  • First Site Visit

    Now we delve into your design by gathering information about your context and site conditions to begin building the foundation of your design.

  • Concept Development

    The gathered information is now carefully integrated into the overall design and landscape flows. At this stage, the form and feel of your design really starts taking shape.

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  • Second Site Visit

    This stage looks to gather in-depth knowledge of your landscape and is an opportunity for the customer to review the concept design progress so far.

  • Third Site Visit

    This visit we acquire any final details and perform an on site visual representation of primary elements within the design to assess design configurations in relation to overall context.

  • Final Review and Approval

    The last step before the installation phase, where we review the design, make final alterations and approve the design.

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Upcoming Events

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MSFN Victory Verge Challenge Millicent, South Australia 1 May 2019
Pine Lime Designs is supporting the MSFN Victory Verge Challenge. So jump