Pine Lime Design Services

Underground Utility Detection

Through the use of advanced underground pipe and cable location equipment, Pine Lime Designs can assist in the detection of underground service networks.

Whether your installing a new garden feature or designing the next big project we have the experience necessary to provide you with relevant and informed assessments of underground infrastructure within your scope of works. 

If your project requires you to break ground and you want to be sure that you have taken every precaution to prevent serious injury or damage, make sure you contact Pine Lime Designs either through email, phone or on our booking page.

Our professional technicians have experience across many large scale projects in South Australia including:

  • New Royal Adelaide Hospital development
  • Torrens to Torrens development
  • Adelaide City gas mains upgrade
  • Northern and Southern Expressway projects
  • Adelaide Festival Centre upgrade
  • Adelaide Oval redevelopment 
Ecological Design Services

Pine Lime Designs values flavourful, wholesome and nutritious food that isn’t considered a luxury or a rarity but instead a basic need that is accessible to everyone. Further, we believe food should be fresh and enjoyed as more than a hunger suppressant.

Food should excite the senses as flowers blossom and the first harvest of fruit and vegetables draws closer. It should provide everyone with that sleepy eyed contentedness that only comes from devouring a scrumptious meal that has been lovingly made.

Perhaps most importantly food should provide the opportunity to engage with your children or grand children about the benefits of fresh food from your very own yard.

In creating your own personal food forest Pine Lime Designs utilises principles from numerous ecological design frameworks.

These frameworks enable the design of complex systems that inherently promote biodiversity, produce abundance in food, manage site resource flows and minimise waste and site pollution.

Our designs can be undertaken using a hands on and staged approach by the client, allowing for a leisurely transition into a fully functional edible ecosystem. Conversely, Pine Lime Designs can manage the entire design and installation process to ensure a worry free investment in your health and our environment.

Regenerative Landscape Design

Topsoil loss has become a significant challenge of our time both in Australia and abroad. As a consequence productivity and the bottom line can become greatly impacted.

Reducing long term reliance on inputs such as fertilisers and herbicides through appropriate and custom tailored design while improving the soil food-web can offer a significant opportunity to regain the health of your land and your bottom line.

First and foremost is the health and vitality of the landscape as this foundation of human necessity and sustenance when managed symbiotically with engaged land stewards promotes new opportunities for regeneration of your land, business and community..

Secondly, we want to provide clients with the knowledge and tools to minimise unexpected difficulties making you and your operation more resilient now and over time.

If you share our appreciation for healthy and regenerative soil systems but need assistance then start by calling Pine Lime Designs so we can work together in developing a solution suited to your circumstances.

Small Scale Structural Design

As part of our ecological design offerings, we offer a range of related small-scale structural designs that can be utilised as part of an overall design created by Pine Lime Designs or as a standalone item where surplus is available.

The range of products/structures on offer include:

  • Greenhouses
  • Animal Housing
  • Beehives
  • Arbors

All products are built on site at our facility to standard specifications. If customisation is required, please contact directly to discuss your needs.

Pre-Purchase Property Evaluation

Purchasing a piece of land is often a daunting experience.

Whether it is the risk associated with spending a significant amount of money or just uncertainty around whether the land will be suitable to your future plans and needs, there is often some unease involved throughout the process.

This is often exacerbated by the limited viewing time of the property before purchase.

To help remove some of the anxiety that arises during the purchase process Pine Lime Designs offers a pre-purchase evaluation, which can assist in:

  • Clearly defining the purpose of the property within your personal context
  • Analysing landscape characteristics
  • Determining available natural resources
  • Assessing climatic conditions

Our consult and site visit enables Pine Lime Designs to more accurately assess whether a property is suitable to you and your family’s needs saving you from an unnecessarily expensive cost and undue stress.

This service focuses on ensuring that you maximise the potential of your purchase and your land whether you’re planning to plant a commercial fruit orchard, enjoy a spring morning sitting in a cottage garden or minimise your weekly expenses on food and energy, we are able to make site specific recommendations that benefit you and your environment.

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